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You may be wondering what is MACHINA ELECTRONICA? ⚡
MACHINA ELECTRONICA is… the heaven for ravers; the reason your legs hurt; the place where you found your love; the Berlin challenger, that occasion where you can be yourself; the reason you have so many unforgettable memories; a journey into a new world of pleasure.
And this MACHINE is here to stay ⚡
The time has come for Fabrica club to once again become the place where the MACHINA starts its great engines and, in the vibrations of minimal, drum and bass, psytrance and tekno, put its stamp on history.
Bucharest, keep it movin’ crew:
•Stun – playin’ the finest minimal house
•Rekuz – playin’ mad drum and bass
•Leo – playin’ sick psytrance
•Tabularasa – playin’ the fastest tekno
Where: club fabrica (Strada 11 Iunie 50)
When: 7 April
Price: 30 lei
Hour: from 22:00 until very late
We welcome everyone to come and dance, regardless of who you are or where you come from. We provide a safe space for all, and any behavior that promotes violence or discrimination will not be tolerated. If you see any problems, don’t hesitate to contact our authorized staff, and action will be taken immediately.
There is only one rule: DANCE OR DIE! ⚡

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