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„And before his eyes a beast raged. With tens of thousands of decibels, the sound of this cursed machine’s engine made the world dance uncontrollably. It is the MACHINA ELECTRONICA and nothing can stand in its way. There’s only one rule – DANCE OR DIE! ALL HAIL MACHINA ELECTRONICA ALL HAIL RAVE NEW WORLD!”
The mechanics behind the turntables that will orchestrate the magical sounds behind the horrific MACHINA will be:
•Stun – finest minimal house
IG: @in.stun.t
•Rekuz – old-school drum and bass
IG: @rekuzrekuz
•Leo – psychotic psytrance
IG: @alexleondari
•Tabula Rasa – chaotic tekno
IG: tabula.rasa23
Mixcloud: @schizophrenia-paradis2
Details 🔊
Price: 40 lei
Start: from 22:00 till’ very late.
Place: fabrica (str. 11 iunie, nr. 50)
We welcome everyone to come and dance, regardless of who you are or where you come from. We provide a safe space for all, and any behavior that promotes violence or discrimination will not be tolerated. If you see any problems, don’t hesitate to contact our authorized staff; action will be taken immediately.

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