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„The wait is over. After so much cold, rain and storm the engines have started. THE MACHINA ELECTRONICA is ready to unleash its power once again. Get ready… because the strongest rave is coming.”
March 3rd is the date when the Bucharest, keep it movin’ crew releases the wild MACHINA in club Fabrica. With sounds and movements from another universe, everything is ready.
They are the ones who will make your bodies move uncontrollably:
STUN – 99% pure minimal house
REKUZ – orgasmic drum and bass
LEO – demented psytrance
TABULA RASA – t-t-t-tekno!
Get ready for the new wave of outlandish electronic music, because these youngsters just don’t stop!
Date: March 3
Place: Club Fabrica (Str. 11 June, 50)
Time: 22:00
Price: 30 lei
We do not tolerate behavior that promotes violence or discrimination of any kind. We have a safe space for everyone. We don’t care who you are – we want you to DANCE. If you notice any problem, contact the authorized staff. Immediate action will be taken.

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