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Underworld Gathering presents the Hades Stage at our second promo party in Bucharest, featuring Tekno and Hardcore music for a night of heavy beats and running basslines. Get ready to dance the night away and immerse yourself in the depths of the Underworld. Join us for a memorable celebration of the underground music scene.
♫ Line-up ♫
► Dalek (EnKore)
(Hardcore / Tekno)
► El Jefe
► Hiper Diy A
► Meiremax (BE 🇧🇪)
► Morph (Enkore)
► Soma (EnKore)
► TabulaRasa
🎟️ You can find -10% tickets for @Underworld Gathering 3.0 at the entrance
🗓 Date & Time: Friday, 28 April 2023 // 21:00
📍Location: Club Fabrica // 11 IUNIE NR 50, Bucharest, Romania
💰Entry Fee: 40 RON //
💰50 RON after 00:00 (cash only)
( We reserve our right to select our guests )

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